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MAGY 浮子式自动排水器
Download:MAGY 工作原理

The MAGY is a magnetically operated level sensed drain that discharges condensate from all types of compressed air filters by using a unique technology based on magnetic forces.
The MAGY uses specially selected magnets that operate the 2/2 way direct acting valve assembly.

The discharge process of the MAGY is automatic and there is no loss of compressed air during the condensate discharge cycle.

The specially selected magnets ensure a high operation consistency.

The MAGY is easy to install and to service and can also remain connected to the filter while maintenance is being carried out (i.e. the drain does not need to be unthreaded from the filter).

JORC recommends to replace all unreliable filter (float) drains and to install the MAGY.




Maximum filter capacity Unlimited
Maximum drainage capacity 200 litres condensate per hour
Pressure range 0 - 16 bar
Valve type 2/2 way, direct acting
Valve seals FPM
Inlet connections 1/2″ (BSP or NPT), 2 inlet options
Outlet connection 1/8″ BSP
Inlet height 11 cm (top) and 8.5 cm (side)
Medium temperature 1 - 50 °C
Ambient temperature 1 - 50 °C
Serviceable valve Yes
Housing material Corrosion resistant aluminium





No electricity required to operate.


Suitable for all compressed air filters, offering you a reliable solutions instead of float drains.


Simple and quick to service, offering you time saving.

  • Competitive true ‘green’ solution suitable for all compressed air filters.
  • Level sensed magnetic technology saves air, energy and money!
  • No operating cost once installed.
  • Service kits available.
  • Various housing colours available to match your filter housing.
  • Robust industrial corrosion proof housing.
  • No need to unthread the MAGY for routine maintenance.
  • Direct acting valve, for a reliable discharge.
  • Operating pressure 0 to 16 bar.

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